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Landscape & Rock Design

Lanscaping and Rock Design in North Carolina

We have over 35 combined years of experience and all the equipment to get the job done and we do it right the first time- guaranteed! Placing large rocks around your home can set your landscape apart from the ordinary. Building a pond for your pasture or for the grand kids to fish out of is a great way to get the most out of your property. If your bank is eroding and this happens especially when your land borders water, then placing rocks on the bank, is the answer.

  • Rock installation for bank erosion
  • Rock walls
  • Sell large landscape rocks
  • Place rocks on property
  • Build large retaining walls and back fill with dirt
  • French drainage ditches (with rock in center)
  • Haul and fill dirt
  • Yard design
  • Slope banks back
  • Remove trees and stumps and replant new trees
  • Build Ponds

Trust our experience and knowledge to take care of all of your grading and hauling project needs. We are fully insured and guarantee our work will meet your satisfaction before we pull off of your property. When a project requires the need for Landscaping it can also mean that you may need to build a road, grade a pad, remove trees and stumps, build a pond, grade and clear off land or haul mulch and dirt.We also clean up storm damage debris and fallen trees. We do all of those listed above and more with pride in our work!

There is no job too small or too large.

We work in all terrains from flat land to steep mountains.