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Family Owned & Operated

Idaho Enterprises was founded in 1997 by Michael Smith. The mission statement for our grading & hauling company is very simple. When we complete a project and pull our equipment off of a job, our clients are very satisfied with our workmanship. We are fully insured and respect your property while we are on it.

We have extensive experience serving North Carolina as a professional grader. We have countless hours of operating experience of our grading equipment as well that includes track loaders, large track excavators, skid steer loaders, mini excavators, dump trucks, and the trucks and trailers we haul the equipment around on.

We are unique to our industry and pride ourselves on being able to handle All Size Jobs – it doesn’t matter to us if it is a large commercial project or the smallest of residential jobs.

We provide Grading services in NC, so why is the company called “Idaho Enterprises”?

We get this question all the time because it simply strikes our customers as odd! Owner Micheal Smith has been an avid outdoors man pretty much all his life.

He chose to name his company after a place he loves to go and roam . . . Idaho. It really helps to remind him what he is working so hard for on a daily basis!